Why is modern nba so boring?

Aurelie Lesch asked a question: Why is modern nba so boring?
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🏀 Is basketball boring?

Basketball is the most boring sport on God’s green earth. I don’t understand how the NBA is so popular now - until the last few minutes of a close game, literally everything is meaningless and the play stops every few seconds. At least play stoppage in football and baseball carry meaning, because there’s strategic thinking involved.

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🏀 Is college basketball boring?

BC: No, and in fact you could argue that part of what makes college basketball so much fun to watch is that it's not the NBA, and that there are a variety of styles that can win.

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🏀 Why is college basketball so boring?

The quality of college basketball is never going to be what it is in the NBA, but it really looks sort of exaggeratingly bad when you watch an NBA game and a college basketball game back-to-back...

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Players are more skilled but lack of continuity hasn't helped. These guys constantly switch teams or are hurt which leads to a boring spread the floor and isolate. How many teams use sophisticated ...

NBA is boring quite often because I think it lacks from more general imbalances. Namely offense and defense seem to be very imbalanced in this sport. That’s another reason why it’s obviously not the best team sport in the world. The best team sports in the world are soccer, football and maybe even ice hockey.

So many guys put up huge numbers now. That's all because of the rule changes. Analytics have played a huge roll. Math says shoot layups or 3's. So thats what they do now.

Why is modern NBA way more boring to watch Basketball back in the 90's was way more entertaining to watch than basketball nowadays. I can't tell which ruins it more; Lebrons whining, stricter punishment, etc. even watching the Finals this year, if the games werent so close I know many more people wouldn't have watched.

Just wondering. Players just stand around waiting to get the ball. I am not saying college is better. College players that enter the NBA are the cream of the crop and often fail. So the NBA demands top talent. What does that talent do? Pull up for a jump shot:( I want to some excitement! I want...

Why is today's NBA so boring? Mabel Predovic ∙ . Lvl 8. ∙ 2019-10-23 16:15:47. Add an answer. Want this question answered? ... nba 2k13 will be better than 2k12 because 12 is very boring ...

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I miss more color on the courts, especially the team's secondary color as part of the key. Now the key is a single block color for the most part or …

N.B.A. Teams Are Running and Gunning. And Their Critics Are Yawning. Houston’s James Harden has become a master of the modern game, focusing entirely on 3-pointers and shots in the lane, where ...

As the NBA transitions to a new era, a Lakers-Nets Finals could function as the capstone to a certain era of stars; one last hurrah for everyone old enough to remember when David Stern was still their commissioner. This would be a Super Bowl of sorts- a collision of legacies too rich to miss, too hyped-up to possibly escape.

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