Why is nba 23?

Everette Ritchie asked a question: Why is nba 23?
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James revealed in an interview that the man himself, Michael Jordan is his main inspiration for choosing 23 as his number. He respectively referred to the NBA legend as a “God”, and the inspiration behind his entire career.


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1. Since what age did you start playing tennis? I started playing tennis when I was 12 years old because of my father's influence as he always encouraged me to do extra activities after school. 1. Did you use to study before start with tennis? Yes, I used to study.

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The major reason why Michael Jordan picked the number 23. Air Jordan grew up loving the number 45. His childhood basketball days saw him wearing the number 45 on his jersey. He was crazy about the number and it meant a lot to him. MJ had an older brother who was also a basketball player.

The reason why Kobe chose the number 24 is actually really simple. He wanted to be better then Michael Jordan, who wore number 23. According to ESPN, he chose the number based on his Adidas camp number, 143…. Also, What was Kobe’s number? 8 to No. 24, what each number meant to him.

It’s because of Michael Jordan, the GOAT!!!!!!(Jordan wore #23) Players now wear #23 to pay tribute to Michael Jordan, since the number 23 is synonymous with the greatness of MJ. Some players that wear/have worn #23

Why did Michael Jordan wear number 23 on his jersey? While there were a few notable exceptions , Michael Jordan took to the court wearing number 23 on his back. That wasn’t by accident; 23 carried a special significance for the NBA legend.

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Since entering the NBA as the number 1 draft pick in 2012, Davis has achieved much in the 23 jersey, but this would be his first time doing so in the blue and gold of the Lakers. Sure, Jordan and Lebron might have an argument when it comes to being the biggest superstars to put on the jersey, but In total there have been more than 200 players to wear the number in the NBA.

According to Basketball-Reference, there have been more than 200 professional basketball players who have worn the jersey number 23 in NBA and ABA history. And while it's obvious that not all of ...

On March 22, NBA YoungBoy, whose real name is Kentrell Gaulden, was arrested by the FBI and is currently in custody. Here’s a look at why the rapper was arrested and what exactly did he do.

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