Why is nba media so bad?

Mariana Christiansen asked a question: Why is nba media so bad?
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🏀 How many media timeouts in college basketball?

There are nine TV timeouts in every regular season game and 10 in every NCAA tournament game. No wonder games routinely take 2 hours 15 minutes or longer. Solution: At the very least, get rid of the extra TV timeout initiated by the first 30-second timeout call of the second half.

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🏀 Skip a media timeout in ncaa basketball?

In NCAA basketball, there are media timeouts at the first whistle after the 16:00, 12:00, 8:00 and 4:00 minute marks of each half. What happens if there is no whistle from the four minute mark until the half-time or final buzzer? It almost happened in this game here:

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🏀 How long are media timeouts in college basketball?

3. The electronic media timeouts shall occur at the first dead ball after 16-, 12-, 8- and 4-minute marks when the game clock is stopped. These media timeouts should be 1 minute in length (preliminary rounds) and 2 minutes in length (semifinals/finals).

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It's hard for them to fathom any issues with the NBA as the coverage is 95 percent the media telling its audience how great it is, and 5 percent them defending its abundance of issues.

Because of the NBA’s epic collapse over the past few years, it’s become common for the NBA media to mislead its readers and viewers. At the start of the season, The Associated Press put a story on its homepage bragging that the NBA’s opening week was up 95% in viewership year over year.

Why the Death of r/NBAstreams Hurts So Bad We talked to streamers, mods, NBA media experts and Mark Cuban himself about the purging of a beloved online NBA community It was a cold November night in Austin, Texas, when Jordan, a fed-up 25-year-old Dallas Mavericks fan living away from home, triple-checked an angry email he was about to fire off to Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of his favorite team.

See, soccer is horrible because games end in 0-0 ties and nobody thinks that's odd or even bad. Basketball takes the exact opposite approach. If I told you a game ended in a score of 112-110, you ...

He can't defend a lick, can't shoot, poor ft shooter, has an ok post game but also has a high motor Offensively at the rim. He seems to be doing the same things enes kanter does who isn't really seen as that good. So why is Harrell seen as a really valuable piece and capable of winning 6moty by most of his peers, media and commentors.

Many of today's basketball fans are loyal to MJ and in their minds, there is nobody that even comes close to the greatness of the "jump man". Since he entered the NBA, the media has been unfairly comparing James with Jordan, and due to that immediate comparison, many fans are anti-James, simply because they don't want anyone to be compared to MJ.

There is no explanation other than the interest in watching the NBA on television is rapidly diminishing. Since 2011-12, the NBA has had stars, superteams, storylines, and coverage that resembled state-run media. It couldn’t ask for more. It’s not just an ABC problem, either. On TNT, in the measurement from 2011-12, NBA viewership is down 40%.

Why is this happening? One word: space. (And one word it’s definitely not: effort). Thanks to improvements in three-point shooting, NBA teams are using more of the court than ever before.

So just try to make the simple plays and just slowing down a little bit. I think I move a little too fast sometimes.” Jackson is still trying to figure himself out and where he fits in the game ...

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